Tool Guide

If you are weiging up your options with the Autel MaxiSys range and want to easily compare the hardware & software functions Premium Diagnostics NZ have produced this chart for you.

If you want to check what functions are available for a certain makle and model please follow this link here and select your model of vehicle and tool

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A DPF - Diesel particulate filter is a filter that works in the exhaust system of later model diesel vehicles by capturing and storing soot in order to reduce emissions. When the DPF becomes blocked to a point where it can no longer regenerate on its own it will usually go into limp mode and throw a check engine light. There is a way you can do a forced regeneration yourself with a scan tool!
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If you are new to this and would like a better understanding on how an OBD (on board diagnostics) scan tool actually works please take a read!
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