About Us

Premium Diagnostics evolved from our love of cars and extreme Motorsports. We are a small team of factory trained qualified automotive technicians. Our vision is to offer you the best automotive diagnostic tools with the best service experience possible.

That idea, along with our passion for diagnostics and cars led us to open our online store

The idea came about from the same problem that most of our customers face, we wanted to know what diagnostic tool we could use on what vehicle so we could do it all ourselves. Living in NZ we have so many Holden's and Fords on the road which many scan tools do not work with and with so little information on the internet about what was OBD2 on our roads and what tools worked with each vehicles we set out to make things a lot easier for the home mechanic.

Most workshops charge around $100 for a fault code to be read and cleared, we wanted to make it an option for you to now do it yourself with your own tool, as many times as you like for less! 

Whether you are an enthusiast looking for a tool for home or a workshop looking to purchase or upgrade your diagnostic equipment - We are here for you!

As we have learnt there are a lot of mass produced non-genuine diagnostic tools on places such as E-bay and Amazon and these can cause damage to your vehicles computer and sometimes even your car so we make sure we have tested every model we sell and this ensures that every product on our website is the best around.

We work with manufacturers overseas directly to ensure that we have genuine quality products.

As a company we strive to always have fun and enjoy everything Motorsports! We know that the industry can be draining and demanding and we don't want to forget why we started in the first place!


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