AutoLight Hands Free Magnetic Window Tint Meter


WOF - Warrant Of Fitness Testing

AutoLight® MAGNETIC is a Light Transmission Meter that measures the level of light transmitted through a tinted window to determine its safety level. 

The new AutoLight® MAGNETIC has magnets so you can test hands-free! Making it possible for a single operator to take a photo of the results without dropping the AutoLight®. This is the fastest tint tester on the market, which gives accurate results with a single button operation.

Legislations have changed for window tint testing.  Check the regulations in your area to see how it affects your testing requirements.

  • Easy to operate by aligning two reader tubes
  • Hands-free testing
  • Single button operation
  • Compliant with roadworthy regulations
  • Compliant with ISO 3538:1997
  • Lightweight (450g)
  • +/- 3% Accuracy

AutoLight® is an essential tool to assist law enforcement agencies, testing authorities and anyone involved in fleet safety management to help ensure vehicles are compliant and safe.


What is a Light Transmittance Meter?

A light transmittance meter is used to measure the percentage of light transmitted through transparent material. In terms of automotive roadworthiness, a light transmittance meter measures the darkness of window tint on a car’s windows and windscreen. This product is also know as a window tint meter, or window tint tester.

 Suitable for WOF Warrant of fitness testing 

AutoLight Magnetic Tint Tester User Manual 


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