AUTOOL AST609 Car Pulsating Brake Fluid Changer | Brake Bleeder

AUTOOL AST609 Pulsating Brake Fluid Changer / Single Clutch Slave Cylinders / Brake Fluid Extractor Pump Machine Kit with 1000ML Bottle

Applicable to car models

Save time and effort with the AUTOOL AST609

Fully adjustable pulse fluid change, which can effectively clean the lines and change the fluid more thoroughly.

Powerful recovery function, it can quickly recover used brake fluid at the same time. The air inlet port has a water separating and filtering device, which can separate the moisture in the air, preventing it from mixing with the fluid.


AUTOOL AST609 Car Pulsating Brake Fluid Changer Operation steps:

1. Pour new brake fluid into the filling bottle;

2. Connect the suction hose and pressure balance hose to the filling bottle;

3. Connect the filling hose to the brake fluid cylinder via the adapter;

4. Connect the recovery bottle to the brake fluid sub-cylinder;

5. Select standard mode/ master mode. One-button start, then wait for the fluid exchange to be completed.

Note: There is no need to start the vehicle for the operation.


How to adjust the pressure correctly?

When the device comes out of the factory, the working pressure of the pressure regulator is set to 1~1.5 bar, to ensure that the liquid storage chamber does not deform while changing liquid, thereby ensuring the tightness of the secondary sealing ring.

In addition, it is also feasible to exhaust or change the liquid at a lower working pressure by adjusting the pressure and the size switch.

In special circumstances, while operating under higher working pressure, be aware of the excessive pressure adjustment, which may damage the brake master cylinder of the brake system.



AUTOOL AST609 Car Pulsating Brake Fluid Changer Features :

1. Built-in Pressure Monitoring System: The pump for filling the brake fluid reservoir is equipped with a pressure monitoring device. You can adjust the pressure through the adjustable knob, the pressure range is 0.6-3.0 BAR. If the pressure cannot be established or the pump sucks in air, the pump will shut down automatically. The recycling bottle can be placed in the machine body, which is easy to carry.

2. Optimize Advantages: Compared with the traditional compression brake fluid bleeding device, the pulsating electric brake fluid exchanger can effectively avoid the formation of bubbles in the process of adding brake fluid, so as to optimize and avoid the artificial exhaust process. AUTOOL AST609 has a powerful recovery function, which can quickly recover the used brake fluid at the same time.

3. Widely Applicable: AUTOOL AST609 is suitable for European, American and Asian car brake fluid reservoirs, it can be used for 99% of vehicles. This pulsating brake fluid exchange device is applicable for Dot3, Dot4, and Dot5. 1 brake fluid standards.

4. High Efficiency: Our main bleed kit requires only one person to operate and allows you to easily use and change the brake fluid. It can change one sub-pumps oil at once, after setting the working environment, the whole exchange process is automatic.

5. Three Years Warranty


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