KINGBOLEN BM550 Vehicle Battery Tester 6-24V

KINGBOLEN BM550 6V 12V 24V Battery Tester, 100-2000 CCA Voltage Tester 2Ah-220Ah Internal Resistance Tester



  • 6V 12V 24V Battery Tester KINGBOLEN BM550 battery tester can test all 6V 12V 24V 100-2000 CCA car batteries, support 2Ah-220Ah (need to enter the corresponding CCA value on the battery), including regular flooded (Regular battery), AGM flat plate (AGM tablet battery), AGM spiral (AGM winding battery), GEL and EFB batteries, battery analyser for scooters, boats, cars, trucks ( Not suitable for deep cycle batteries )


  • Easy To Use Car Battery Analyser BM550 car battery analyzer can quickly and accurately display multiple sets of data for the car battery. It can test the SOH (state of health) and SOC (state of charge) of the battery, easily test 100-2000 CCA, internal resistance test and voltage test. With our battery tester, you can easily understand the current state of your car batteries health


  • Fast Operation & Accurate Data  The results of the battery test are based on the CCA standard, which can be quickly and accurately displayed on the 1.8-inch HD screen, allowing you to quickly know the status of the battery. You can test the batteries both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle.


  • Safe design & Safe Use The battery tester features Reverse Connection Protection. If you accidentally reverse the two clamps, the battery tester will not work to prevent the internal circuit from burning, which protects the equipment and the long-term use of the car battery. (If the clip is not properly clamped, the screen will flicker)


  • Plug and Play  It is simple to use, just connect the clamp of the battery tester to the car battery correctly and it will power up instantly, whether the battery is in the vehicle or out of the vehicle, or a dead battery can be tested. The BM550 is designed for DIY enthusiasts, car dealers, garages, car battery manufacturers and more. 



  • Model: KINGBOLEN BM550
  • Display: 1.8-inch high-definition backlit screen
  • Test range: 6V/12V/24V
  • Connection method: positive and negative alligator clips
  • Ah range: 2~220Ah
  • CCA range: 100-2000 CCA
  • Working voltage: 4.9V~32V
  • Working temperature: -20°C~50°C
  • Size: 124×69.6×22.6mm


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