Hantek 6254BE Digital Oscilloscope Full Kit 250MHz

Hantek 6254BE Digital Oscilloscope Full Kit 250MHz 



Equipped for over 80 types of automotive measurement functions;

First Diagnosis: Intake manifold vacuum & ignition, Petrol fumes adjusting valve vacuum & ignition, Idle exhaust ignition, Starting exhaust ignition

Ignition: primary and secondary

Sensor: Air Flow Meter, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Distributor, Lambda sensor, Throttle position

Bus Diagnosis: CAN bus data examination, CAN bus signal integrity, CAN bus LH long-time acquisition, LIN bus

Fuel: Petrol/Diesel

Starter and charging circuits

  • Suitable for laptops, tablets, PC, PC-based scan tools. Support WIN10/ WIN8/WIN7 etc.
  • USB 2.0 interface plug and play
  • More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement functions, PASS/FAIL Check function.

  • Resourceful trigger function, dynamic cursor tracking, waveform record, and replay function.

  • Great functional design- small in size which is easy for carrying and transport. Sturdy rugged shell -  The outer case is made of the same material as an iPad - Anodised aluminum.

  • Manufactured for heat resistance and abrasive resistance. 

  • 4 isolated channels oscilloscope, 1GSa/s real time sampling rate, 2mV-10V/DIV high input sensitivity and large input range, 250MHz high bandwidth
  • The waveform data could be exported to file -  EXCEL,BMP,JPG.
  • Waveform averaging, afterglow, lightness control, reverse, add, subtract, multiply, divide, X-Y display.
  • FFT spectrum analyzer 
  • One computer could connect with multiple oscilloscopes, and expand the channel number easily.
  • Provide secondary development library DLL; Provide Labview\VB\VC\QT developing examples.

  • Supports multiple Languages


Packing List 

1x Hantek 6254BE 

1x USB interface cable

1x PC software CD

1x Carry Box

4x HT18A

4x HT19

4x HT201

4x HT25

4x HT30A

4x HT301

1x HT307

4x HT308

2x HT324

1x CC-65 Current Clamp

1x CC-650 Current Clamp


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