LAUNCH Thinkdiag Mini OBD2 Full System Bluetooth Scan Tool

The Thinkdiag Mini by LAUNCH professional Bluetooth OBD2 scanner supports 15 commonly used special reset functions, allowing you to quickly access the vehicle system for various scheduled services, maintenance, and reset performance, eliminating the need to take the vehicle to a mechanic

This tool is the best bang for your buck we have to offer 

It is one of the favorite OBD2 Scan devices for DIY mechanics and small repair shops as the tool has a big range of functions all available from your mobile phone. Listed are some commonly used special reset services for your reference:

1.Oil Lamp Reset Service

2.EPB Electronic Park Brake Reset

3.BAT battery service

4.DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Reset and monitor DPF soot accumulation 

5.SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset

6.TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset

7.IMMO Key Programming

8.ABS Bleeding

9.Sunroof Reset

10.Suspension Reset

11.Gearbox (Transmission)Reset and relearn

12.AFS Headlamp Reset

13.Injector Coding

14.Throttle Adaptation

15.Gear Learning

16.ECU Coding


1.View freeze frame date graph data stream

3.O2 Sensor test

4.Evap system test

5.On-Board monitor test

6.Read & Clear DTCs

7.Auto Identify VIN information

8.DTC code look up

9.Turn off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights)

10.I/M Readiness status test


The Thinkdiag is very user friendly 

1.Download and install the APP ”ThinkDiag Mini” in Google Play or iOS App Store to your device

2.Register and log in the THINKDIAG Mini;

3.You can select one free car software through ThinkDiag Mall app after activating the serial number for the first time.

4.Plug the ThinkDiag Mini dongle into the vehicle’s 16pin OBD2 Data Link Connector;

5.Turn on the vehicles ignition while the engine is not running

6.Tap Me/Setting button of your device to Bluetooth pair the ThinkDiag Mini with your device;

7. Scan your vehicle 



You may activate to use all car models of the selected one brand for free. 

Free full system diagnosis function

If you want to diagnose other car brands, Price for Each Car brand Software : $19.95/year Reset Software Price for Each : $19.95/year


Languages available-  English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Persian , Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian


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One Year Local Warranty 

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